In the Green Wood

Back in February 2022, Crimson Creatures were in the middle of recording their first album and EP. Though the songs they were recording at that time were very interesting and distinctive, they were relatively straightforward in composition. (99% of popular music works like that. Even some seemingly far-out sonic experiments can be broken down into common song progressions.) But, that was OK. They never pretended they were making high art.

Fragments EP cover art

One day, they were discussing their common appreciation of overblown 70s Progressive Rock. Keith declared that it would be cool if, sometime in the future, they attempted something a bit longer and more complex than what they had tried so far. (Keith is always saying things like that; he also wants to do an extended instrumental section, a soundscape, and something ‘rackety‘.) A few days later, the insatiable Richard unveiled an 18-minute demo called Fragments. He appeared to have taken the comment as a personal challenge.

Fragments went on the back burner whilst they concentrated on their EP and album releases, and rehearsing. Eventually, in July, work resumed on Fragments, as they refined its overall concept and structure, and they began adding layers of instruments, voices and other noises. It’s fair to say that they got a little carried away.

There was a short summer recess, and they completed work on Fragments in late September. Standing back to admire the finished article, they began to realise that they were looking at a Frankenstein’s Monster of a song. Song? Can you even call it a song? It clocks in at 17 minutes and 20 seconds, only pausing for a few milliseconds, and is built of no less than 9 distinct sections. It even has a cast. What had they done?!

They decided to do what only seemed to be fair, sensible and reasonable, and release it as a single. Fragments will be released on 25th November on music streaming platforms, and as a digital download from Bandcamp.