A Cipher for the Lost

In the Green Wood
A Cipher for the Lost (Crimson Creatures, 2023)

Crimson Creatures are pleased to announce the digital release of their new EP, A Cipher for the Lost on Bandcamp and all streaming services. Here’s what the blurb says:

“What is the meaning of life?”

This is a question which people have asked themselves since they first gazed into their fires. In their new EP ‘A Cipher for the Lost’, Crimson Creatures take a look through the eyes of four different characters trying to make sense of their worlds.

Crimson Creatures’ Prog-tastic 2022 debut album and EP showcased their distinctive sound, based on the interplay between Stockdill’s wall of sound keyboards, Nuttall’s unpredictable guitars, and Cornes’ dramatic baritone storytelling and fluid bass.

They took things one step further with their epic 17+ minute Fragments (Parts I – IX) concept single. With their new 4-piece line-up, enhanced by veteran percussionist Mark Keniston, the band steps sideways, broadening their musical vocabulary, from the thrashy Sceptic to the cryptic Hypnotist.

Can a good life’s secrets be decoded, like an elaborate puzzle?

‘A Cipher for the Lost’ is released on Bandcamp and streaming platforms on 6 October 2023.