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  • Fragments

    Crimson Creatures has release Fragments today. It’s a journey through a catatonic woman’s subconscious mind, as she relives her life experiences and traumas. The single is in nine parts and clocks in at seventeen minutes and twenty-one seconds. It’s a bit of a departure for the band, being more theatrical than their previous work. And, […]

  • Fragments

    Back in February 2022, Crimson Creatures were in the middle of recording their first album and EP. Though the songs they were recording at that time were very interesting and distinctive, they were relatively straightforward in composition. (99% of popular music works like that. Even some seemingly far-out sonic experiments can be broken down into […]

  • In the Green Wood

    We released our debut album In the Green Wood today, on Bandcamp and music streaming services. Many of these songs have been in development since the pandemic brought much of the world to a standstill. The brief was simple: to write a collection of progressive rock songs which could be reproduced live by the band. […]