About Crimson Creatures

In the Green Wood

Crimson Creatures was formed in 2021 in Dorset, UK. Richard and Matthew embarked on the creation of Alternative / Post-Progressive Rock songs. Keith joined them in the autumn, and mercilessly beat the songs into their current shape.

They released an EP in May 2022 and album in July, and they are currently training a drummer, so they can perform their songs live, in a venue near you.

But, who are the Crimson Creatures?


Richard is the band’s main songwriter and motivational speaker. When he’s not ruling Crimson Creatures with an iron fist, he’s feeding (and naming) the neighbourhood wildlife.

He plays keyboards of all shapes and sizes—sometimes all at the same time. Some of his keyboards prefer to be called synthesizers and some called modules, but all of them are far too complicated for anyone else to play.

Richard Stockdill


Matthew is the band’s singer, bassist, and human dynamo. Richard and Keith would feel tired watching Matthew in action, if he wasn’t so damned entertaining.

Matt is fuelled by chicken, cola and bread-based foodstuffs. He’s the guy most likely to press the big red button. When he’s not playing an instrument, or shaking windows with his voice, he’s creating digital art.

Matthew Cornes


Keith is the band’s guitarist, producer and voice of reason. He’s also the band’s token Northerner. Be thankful to Keith that the songs aren’t all 20 minutes long.

When he’s not taking things to pieces and adding in a flux capacitor, or searching for a chip shop which actually sells gravy for Christ’s sake, Keith is usually found reading instruction manuals.

Keith Nuttall